What’s Your Talent: STWilliams Art by Shaneka Williams

I love being friends with creative people. Writers, musicians, performers and artists, those type of people. Not only do I get to hear inside scoop about their creations but I also get to be weird and kooky around them without getting awkward comments like “are you okay?” or a “why do you say things likeContinue reading “What’s Your Talent: STWilliams Art by Shaneka Williams”

What’s Your Talent: Photography by @preciousheartsu

I am proud to be a Leo Those are seven words that I will always use to describe myself. Those are seven words that also rings true to one of my best friends, one whose Leonine heritage shines through just about everything she says and does. I first met @preciousheartsu, or Ate Precious, back inContinue reading “What’s Your Talent: Photography by @preciousheartsu”