“#tbt in Crispina St”

The same childhood cobble step where we first tasted blood, injury and heartbreak after getting caught cheating on a game of patintero, are now used by lesser beings, the baby flowers and the creek have dried and died out, causing the rays to grow stronger. The wind no longer tells our story, maybe he justContinue reading ““#tbt in Crispina St””

@ParallelInk’s latest issue is out!

It’s always a huge surge of gratitude whenever I receive an acceptance email on my phone all of a sudden, and it’s no different when I got the news that the latest issue of Parallel Ink will feature two of my poems titled “Who We’re Writing For” and “The Golden Lining”. After reading through theContinue reading “@ParallelInk’s latest issue is out!”

Get “Lost in London”

One of the biggest highlights of my writing life so far has been the opportunity to live, write, edit (for a lot of hours) and eventually self-publish my first ever collection of poetry appropriately titled Lost in London. With poems written in the middle of Romford, bus hopping sessions around Putney to Kingston to beingContinue reading “Get “Lost in London””