Overture: An Evening with Troy Cabida

It’s summer of 2013. I’m walking from Hyde Park Corner to Oxford Circus because the 74 terminated early and I can only afford one more bus ride. I’m fresh out of sixth form, no plans to go to uni. I’m unemployed and at my Rachel Greene Season 1 phase and worst of all, I’m unpublished.Continue reading “Overture: An Evening with Troy Cabida”


Dear friend   never fear the sun that sneaks into your morning window, he is an old friend from the ash of your yesterdays,   with his slender arms and ghost-like touches helping bring back the golden years of your iridescent spotlight   that can rid the snarkiest of frostbite, of your beauty and leonineContinue reading ““Lioness””

“Free Pass”

drifting off zipping brown dancing green driving away just being infatuation forgetting deadlines singing choruses listening to beating hearts passing days sleeping around releasing tension among others cursing off letting go of responsibilities of inhibitions you thought once locked you down   what nice temporary fantasies to keep us asleep from the harshness of theContinue reading ““Free Pass””

What’s Your Talent: Bukambibig by Alton Melvar Madrid Dapanas

The present has never been a better time to be a Filipino writer, what with many talented and dedicated names working and writing hard to make sure they produce work that not only best express themselves but also represent the Filipino name in a very good light. There’s Reme Grefalda from LA-based zine Our OwnContinue reading “What’s Your Talent: Bukambibig by Alton Melvar Madrid Dapanas”

“Gold Linings”

Tube strikes didn’t care at all that day. Sprinting from Piccadilly to Gower Street, you’re in the interview of your life all sweaty gotta pee what is oxygen, with the residential nerves all dragged out from the run. Get home, get the sniffles from the February showers, oversleep the alarm again, back to water diet,Continue reading ““Gold Linings””

New poem out now on the latest issue of Cha!

I’ve got a new poem published out! It’s somehow kismet how this entire thing turned out. I had met Filipino singer-songwriter June Marieezy this time last year during her London debut performance in Hackney and was, to be quite frank, changed by our short but sweet interaction. One of them involved me writing a poemContinue reading “New poem out now on the latest issue of Cha!”

Catching up

2016 is shaping up to be one heck of a year. And I can’t get enough of it. Been learning how to really work my butt off and even though the excess result is a lack of sleep, Sims 2 playtime, sometimes prolonged confusion or lutang (sorry Facebook group chat members) and a general absenceContinue reading “Catching up”