“Cover Down/Strip Up”

Developed a habit of curling up in a ball as I release the unneeded. Bare it all out, because I’m tired of getting scared when I see your name. I need to man up. The style of mum is old, so I’ll just let the oxygen play inside as the tower crumbles and falls onContinue reading ““Cover Down/Strip Up””

What’s Your Talent: “30 Days Dry” by Eric Shoemaker

I was still in my impromptu return to the Philippines when Kat Lahr, creative director of Thought Collection Publishing and someone whose vibes resonate with mine, emailed me, wondering if I’d be interested in editing and reviewing the first entry to the 30 Days… Challenge, with the summary of the poetry book floating around words likeContinue reading “What’s Your Talent: “30 Days Dry” by Eric Shoemaker”

“10736 Kilometres”

I like looking through the pictures that tell me the hundred stories of your piercing eyes, electricity, your arms around me, my love, my safety. I captured the look on their faces before the plane took me away from the sun, the sky and the sands. You remember the look on their faces after anotherContinue reading ““10736 Kilometres””

“Virgo” by June Marieezy (2013)

While her first EP “Heavy Eyes” leans towards more of an urban sound, a perfect soundtrack for the midnight city dweller, June Marieezy’s second collection of songs sounds more like the creative outlet of her soul, a soul that is pure and carefree, means well and can take you to places that only the power ofContinue reading ““Virgo” by June Marieezy (2013)”