Bamboo in Concert

After rushing from Moorgate station to Hammersmith station, after literally flying from the station, after trying to survive the busy streets all the way to the Apollo theatre all while manoeuvring through an open bag, tangled earphones, the sounds of my boots clacking on the cement as I frantically fish for my ticket, the soundContinue reading “Bamboo in Concert”

“Riot On An Empty Street” by Kings of Convenience (2004)

There was a point in my adolescence when my playlist was filled with music that my friends had never heard of or would label me a hardcore hipster, a name I am actually quite complacent with. This all began when I first followed Josh Radnor on Twitter, with his daily Song of the Day tweetsContinue reading ““Riot On An Empty Street” by Kings of Convenience (2004)”

‘Roadtrip’ by Karylle (2011)

I’m starting a new music review segment in my blog to quench my thirst for both writing and music. And to start it off, I feel like it’s only right to begin this whole reviewing thing by focusing on one of my favourite OPM albums. This may be a lot to say about an album,Continue reading “‘Roadtrip’ by Karylle (2011)”