“London, My Playground”

Moving in Earls Court. Alone in North End Road at midnight. Lost in the snow in Chelsea. Rainy days tucked in Fulham. Lost in Colliers Wood. Summer naps in Richmond Park. Rehearsing in Putney. Falling in love in Becontree. Running around Hyde Park at dawn. Exhausted from Seven Sisters. Contemplating in Kingston. Celebrating birthdays inContinue reading ““London, My Playground””

“Fridays in Autumn”

Let’s drive to a new route this afternoon, please. Hammersmith Barnes Roehampton Putney Fulham Earls Court I’d like to watch the fall leaves fall, time and space to feel a hurting soul, because to feel so is the first step, giving your walls enough strength to brave through winter: this damn circumstance sold to you,Continue reading ““Fridays in Autumn””