Overture: An Evening with Troy Cabida

It’s summer of 2013. I’m walking from Hyde Park Corner to Oxford Circus because the 74 terminated early and I can only afford one more bus ride. I’m fresh out of sixth form, no plans to go to uni. I’m unemployed and at my Rachel Greene Season 1 phase and worst of all, I’m unpublished.Continue reading “Overture: An Evening with Troy Cabida”

“Free write”

There comes a point when no one can remember to forget their age I’ll hear it in the way they laugh throaty full slow there’s a chewing to each chuckle as if they’re holding on to the bursts of joy that they contain that they couldn’t feel inside this is often louder when escaping theContinue reading ““Free write””

What’s Your Talent: Rice & Rain by Romalyn Ante

Ever since declaring myself a writer, a poet, a literary artist, I’ve been on a search for Filipino art that’s being showcased in a foreign setting, preferably in English setting. The West End was once the home of Eva Noblezada, Jon Jon Briones and Rachelle Ann Go for Miss Saigon’s 2014 production. When it comesContinue reading “What’s Your Talent: Rice & Rain by Romalyn Ante”

What’s Your Talent: @BYPoets with Jacob Sam-La Rose and Rachel Long

I remember the first time I heard of the Barbican Young Poets. It was summer of 2014 and it’s been three years since I signed up for the mailing list for the Young Poets Network. Had I not scrolled down to the very bottom of the July 2014 email I might have never seen theContinue reading “What’s Your Talent: @BYPoets with Jacob Sam-La Rose and Rachel Long”

What’s Your Talent: Poetic Impact

There is always something beautiful in a group of artists collaborating to create something that not only showcases their talent but also works to support one another in growth in a fun and memorable way. Spearheaded by Theresa Lake, Furquan Soomro and fellow @BYPoets Celestina Rowaiye, Poetic Impact is a YouTube channel aiming to createContinue reading “What’s Your Talent: Poetic Impact”

On The Barbican Young Poets 2017

“What was one thing you’ve taken away from being a part of the Barbican Young Poets this year?” To answer that question would be for me to catch you up on the past six to seven months of my life, starting from that sunny Sunday afternoon sandwiched between four other friends in a car parkedContinue reading “On The Barbican Young Poets 2017”

Barbican Young Poets 2017 Showcase

After six months worth of Wednesdays, chocolate Digestives, tube rides from Earls Court to Moorgate and taking up residency in Nuclino and Box for poetry submissions, last Friday was officially 2017’s Barbican Young Poets showcase, the culmination of all of our hard work and fun times. Roll call: This year’s showcase consists of the collectiveContinue reading “Barbican Young Poets 2017 Showcase”


Dear friend   never fear the sun that sneaks into your morning window, he is an old friend from the ash of your yesterdays,   with his slender arms and ghost-like touches helping bring back the golden years of your iridescent spotlight   that can rid the snarkiest of frostbite, of your beauty and leonineContinue reading ““Lioness””

“Free Pass”

drifting off zipping brown dancing green driving away just being infatuation forgetting deadlines singing choruses listening to beating hearts passing days sleeping around releasing tension among others cursing off letting go of responsibilities of inhibitions you thought once locked you down   what nice temporary fantasies to keep us asleep from the harshness of theContinue reading ““Free Pass””