New Poems over @ We Are A Website!

It’s always such a gratifying experience to have my poems put out into the world, ready to go on their own journeys and become friends with the rest of the world, but what’s more fun is knowing that your work and their stories have become a part of a bigger organism, a whole kaleidoscope ofContinue reading “New Poems over @ We Are A Website!”

Bournemouth Bound (Beachside)

The concept of enjoying your time anywhere ultimately depends on the company, in my opinion. Even if my barkada‘s initial plan of spending three days in Bournemouth via hotel turned to sixteen hours and a subsequent sleepover back in London, if that means just being with some of the brightest souls in the world, then it’llContinue reading “Bournemouth Bound (Beachside)”

Lost in London now out on iBooks!

It’s been a while since I posted anything! Hi guys! It’s also been quite a long summer for me. What with my work, being out with friends, watching Miss Saigon (blog entry on that soon!) and just plain ol’ writing, I’m glad to say that my 2013 poetry book Lost in London is now availableContinue reading “Lost in London now out on iBooks!”

“Searching for Eden”

On the outside, his mind looks empty, only nothing but Two O’clock Girl and a crude joke, but look deeper, I dare you, behind the perversion and the intoxication, and there you’ll find a desire, primitive as it may be, a boy who thinks like a man, time cards as evidence, screaming with purity, butContinue reading ““Searching for Eden””

Siblíní Journal’s First Issue Is Out!

Last November, I became one of the junior editors for this magazine titled Siblíní, a journal focusing on the written and visual arts created by young and creative minds. After almost a year of submissions, editing, rejecting, accepting, and in my case, learning which pieces to accept and reject while still writing in a positiveContinue reading “Siblíní Journal’s First Issue Is Out!”

What’s Your Talent: Photography by @markcastillophotography

The freedom that recent technology and the Internet allows us to have has paved way to many artists both amateur and professional to show their work out to those willing to pay attention. You can probably tell by my Instagram page that I enjoy taking pictures, but unlike my inclinations towards writing, photography is andContinue reading “What’s Your Talent: Photography by @markcastillophotography”

Miracle E-Zine’s New Issue

Miracle E-Zine’s ninth issue is out and ready to meet you, with the theme of Cage! Click the Issuu link below for the digital version of the issue or the second link to buy a hard copy, where you’ll be able to read and soak up the poetry, the artwork and my monthly column entitledContinue reading “Miracle E-Zine’s New Issue”