What’s Your Talent: Photography by @markcastillophotography

The freedom that recent technology and the Internet allows us to have has paved way to many artists both amateur and professional to show their work out to those willing to pay attention. You can probably tell by my Instagram page that I enjoy taking pictures, but unlike my inclinations towards writing, photography is andContinue reading “What’s Your Talent: Photography by @markcastillophotography”

what would you do if…

To those who follow me on social media, they’ll know that #throwbackthursday is my favourite and most used trending topic, alongside its cousins #flashbackfriday, #sentisaturday, and even the ridiculous ones like #memorymonday. Memory lane is kind of like a second home to me. I like having stories to look back on and little anecdotes toContinue reading “what would you do if…”