What’s Your Talent: Rice & Rain by Romalyn Ante

Ever since declaring myself a writer, a poet, a literary artist, I’ve been on a search for Filipino art that’s being showcased in a foreign setting, preferably in English setting. The West End was once the home of Eva Noblezada, Jon Jon Briones and Rachelle Ann Go for Miss Saigon’s 2014 production. When it comesContinue reading “What’s Your Talent: Rice & Rain by Romalyn Ante”

What’s Your Talent: Bukambibig by Alton Melvar Madrid Dapanas

The present has never been a better time to be a Filipino writer, what with many talented and dedicated names working and writing hard to make sure they produce work that not only best express themselves but also represent the Filipino name in a very good light. There’s Reme Grefalda from LA-based zine Our OwnContinue reading “What’s Your Talent: Bukambibig by Alton Melvar Madrid Dapanas”


Sa gitna ng bagyong malakas, sa halip ng matinding ulan, may ngiting lalabas maliwanag, malinaw at nagsasabing hindi ka nagiisa, kaibigan. Tayo na’t tumayo, pagpagin ang alikabok, muling magsimula ng bago at akyatin ang bundok, kung san may daanan na tuwa at payapa, iyo’y matutuklasan basta’t ako ay iyong kasama.

Bournemouth Bound (Beachside)

The concept of enjoying your time anywhere ultimately depends on the company, in my opinion. Even if my barkada‘s initial plan of spending three days in Bournemouth via hotel turned to sixteen hours and a subsequent sleepover back in London, if that means just being with some of the brightest souls in the world, then it’llContinue reading “Bournemouth Bound (Beachside)”

“10736 Kilometres”

I like looking through the pictures that tell me the hundred stories of your piercing eyes, electricity, your arms around me, my love, my safety. I captured the look on their faces before the plane took me away from the sun, the sky and the sands. You remember the look on their faces after anotherContinue reading ““10736 Kilometres””

Foodtrips: Manila Bound

Once upon a time, I didn’t like eating. I grew up in Manila not having double rice and indulging myself in street foods (except BBQ and hotdogs!), and that’s why I grew up in a white sando and very thin. Like tooth-pick thin. That’s a picture of six year old me all ft. my sistersContinue reading “Foodtrips: Manila Bound”

“#tbt in Crispina St”

The same childhood cobble step where we first tasted blood, injury and heartbreak after getting caught cheating on a game of patintero, are now used by lesser beings, the baby flowers and the creek have dried and died out, causing the rays to grow stronger. The wind no longer tells our story, maybe he justContinue reading ““#tbt in Crispina St””

What’s Your Talent: Ubehalaiya by @LindtHyacinth

I’ve always admired people who are passionate with their careers or hobbies, and those who are just great at being multi-taskers, something that I try to be myself. And since the writer in me is too powerful to ignore, I eventually got inspired to focus on these types of people in my writing, appropriately titling thisContinue reading “What’s Your Talent: Ubehalaiya by @LindtHyacinth”