Sa gitna ng bagyong malakas, sa halip ng matinding ulan, may ngiting lalabas maliwanag, malinaw at nagsasabing hindi ka nagiisa, kaibigan. Tayo na’t tumayo, pagpagin ang alikabok, muling magsimula ng bago at akyatin ang bundok, kung san may daanan na tuwa at payapa, iyo’y matutuklasan basta’t ako ay iyong kasama.

“Leaving Soon” by Yolanda Moon

Another gem by this Manila duo. The song captures both the heartache lingering from a crumbled romance and the heat and the summer vibes of the Philippines, elements which I long for since I returned to London. Yolanda Moon shows here their musical consistency through the melancholic lyrics and upbeat yet chill tunes, which isContinue reading ““Leaving Soon” by Yolanda Moon”

Foodtrips: Manila Bound

Once upon a time, I didn’t like eating. I grew up in Manila not having double rice and indulging myself in street foods (except BBQ and hotdogs!), and that’s why I grew up in a white sando and very thin. Like tooth-pick thin. That’s a picture of six year old me all ft. my sistersContinue reading “Foodtrips: Manila Bound”

Karylle in Katipunan

I’ve never really been one to attend concerts. I always found them a bit too loud and claustrophobic for my liking. That’s why I was quietly relieved to find out that it was in Abu Dhabi where Karylle was going to perform for #RockThatLove alongside her husband’s band SpongeCola and other Filipino acts on the 13thContinue reading “Karylle in Katipunan”

“#tbt in Crispina St”

The same childhood cobble step where we first tasted blood, injury and heartbreak after getting caught cheating on a game of patintero, are now used by lesser beings, the baby flowers and the creek have dried and died out, causing the rays to grow stronger. The wind no longer tells our story, maybe he justContinue reading ““#tbt in Crispina St””