“Blasé Blues”

The fun part is about to be over Gravity your head is pulled to fro every other direction Your mouth speaks but you hear nothing The clock’s stagnant time’s disappeared time has stopped (that’s how it feels anyway) and it’s ours to play with Thoughts and words copulate emotions step on oneanother not knowing you’veContinue reading ““Blasé Blues””

“2015 thank you notes”

The end of December, despite all its chaos and insomnia, is always perfect for freeing unsaid words, tired love songs slipped in cheesy poems your loved ones never got to hear last spring. They may be corny, they might not even hear it behind all the noise but having spread the love is all thatContinue reading ““2015 thank you notes””

“London, My Playground”

Moving in Earls Court. Alone in North End Road at midnight. Lost in the snow in Chelsea. Rainy days tucked in Fulham. Lost in Colliers Wood. Summer naps in Richmond Park. Rehearsing in Putney. Falling in love in Becontree. Running around Hyde Park at dawn. Exhausted from Seven Sisters. Contemplating in Kingston. Celebrating birthdays inContinue reading ““London, My Playground””

“You (All of You)”

You showed me how to be grateful with having the best friend ever. You taught me how to wake up the sleeping child in me. You showed me how to be a better brotha, one who can rate a girl’s You taught me how to embrace the corniness and the craziness only I can be.Continue reading ““You (All of You)””

“Cover Down/Strip Up”

Developed a habit of curling up in a ball as I release the unneeded. Bare it all out, because I’m tired of getting scared when I see your name. I need to man up. The style of mum is old, so I’ll just let the oxygen play inside as the tower crumbles and falls onContinue reading ““Cover Down/Strip Up””

“Lady in the Yellow Dress”

One, two, three, four, before I lost interest, lady in the yellow dress caught my drowsy eyes. She spoke eloquently (at least that’s how it looked from afar), she had a neat side braid and an ability to turn my head a full 360. Five, six, seven, eight, until I slowly turned to stone, ladyContinue reading ““Lady in the Yellow Dress””