Lost in London now out on iBooks!

It’s been a while since I posted anything! Hi guys! It’s also been quite a long summer for me. What with my work, being out with friends, watching Miss Saigon (blog entry on that soon!) and just plain ol’ writing, I’m glad to say that my 2013 poetry book Lost in London is now availableContinue reading “Lost in London now out on iBooks!”

“Lost (Or No Longer)”

The car window isn’t enough, its transparent body holds no candle to the rush of ghosts that would wrap themselves on me whenever I’d pass by the old houses that once belonged to my second/third/fourth family. It all comes gushing back, feelings I cannot contain with tightly cupped hands, as I struggle a thought popsContinue reading ““Lost (Or No Longer)””

Get “Lost in London”

One of the biggest highlights of my writing life so far has been the opportunity to live, write, edit (for a lot of hours) and eventually self-publish my first ever collection of poetry appropriately titled Lost in London. With poems written in the middle of Romford, bus hopping sessions around Putney to Kingston to beingContinue reading “Get “Lost in London””