“Gold Linings”

Tube strikes didn’t care at all that day. Sprinting from Piccadilly to Gower Street, you’re in the interview of your life all sweaty gotta pee what is oxygen, with the residential nerves all dragged out from the run. Get home, get the sniffles from the February showers, oversleep the alarm again, back to water diet,Continue reading ““Gold Linings””

“London, My Playground”

Moving in Earls Court. Alone in North End Road at midnight. Lost in the snow in Chelsea. Rainy days tucked in Fulham. Lost in Colliers Wood. Summer naps in Richmond Park. Rehearsing in Putney. Falling in love in Becontree. Running around Hyde Park at dawn. Exhausted from Seven Sisters. Contemplating in Kingston. Celebrating birthdays inContinue reading ““London, My Playground””

Lost in London now out on iBooks!

It’s been a while since I posted anything! Hi guys! It’s also been quite a long summer for me. What with my work, being out with friends, watching Miss Saigon (blog entry on that soon!) and just plain ol’ writing, I’m glad to say that my 2013 poetry book Lost in London is now availableContinue reading “Lost in London now out on iBooks!”

“Music and Poetry”

Guess the best metaphor to use here is a pop song, or is that a simile? Imagery? Well, anyway, it’s like being in one of them ones with you, too cheesy to listen to but you don’t want to use earphones to hide it, the kind with a constant dedication to be faithful to youContinue reading ““Music and Poetry””

“Dear Friend”

So much for I love you if fate isn’t willing to listen, willing to help me with the ride. Guess loving someone wrong left me undone. Remember when you asked me about you because you wanted her? I had to laugh and remind you that she was never really mine. She’s so damn crazy aboutContinue reading ““Dear Friend””


Leave the red rose kiss behind the door, but not the favourite cap and coat; be yourself again, inhale icy December, exhale all the worries even for tonight. Wander down the stony bridge nearby, gentle, indigo waves rippling below, returning you back to the time when you were moons younger and he was a stillContinue reading ““Midnight””

“You and Me”

Yesterday was all about planning for tomorrow, too busy to find the time for today, you know? But then you walked in, gave me a smile, showed me sincerity, and from then on, I felt something hard to hide easily, because behind those funny old-school glasses, are eyes made to take away my frown. EagerContinue reading ““You and Me””

“At My Strongest”

Drums thumping with the heartbeat, Adrenaline racing down, up, up, down, Construction made out of brick and concrete, Human enough to paint this town. Sure, I’ve left promises behind, Crossed thousands of lines around the box, but Have I truly lost my mind? No, I’m just Far from the failure you had to endure, becauseContinue reading ““At My Strongest””

Lost in London – 2014

This year has been a whirlwind of great events for my writing, events that can make me feel nothing but immense gratitude; I know I use that word a lot but nothing else can quite describe the feeling of both relief and “Aha! I knew it!”. However, there must always be a starting point toContinue reading “Lost in London – 2014”

“This Room”

Tell me, how long have we been in this room? Here, where you leaned in bit by bit, resisted back bit by bit until at that split second a beat thumped to that brewing chemistry, only to give in a little too late. Floating around cloud nine for the longest time, you were too cosy,Continue reading ““This Room””