Thought Notebook Vol 2, Issue 2 Is Out!

The submissions game has always been an interesting ride for me, from the cover letters, choosing which journal works for your writing and the rejection that happens 99% of the time. I’ve also only really began to overcome rejection and learning how to stand up and submit that poem or that short story again because IContinue reading “Thought Notebook Vol 2, Issue 2 Is Out!”

Lost in London – 2014

This year has been a whirlwind of great events for my writing, events that can make me feel nothing but immense gratitude; I know I use that word a lot but nothing else can quite describe the feeling of both relief and “Aha! I knew it!”. However, there must always be a starting point toContinue reading “Lost in London – 2014”

New Poems out via The Traveling Poet

I’m always happy to tell everyone about new poetry that’s out, and today is one of those really gratitude-inducing days. Check out The Traveling Poet, headed by the creative genius Jeremiah Walton. I really like how two of the main themes of this blogzine is travel and youth, a topic that coincides perfectly with myContinue reading “New Poems out via The Traveling Poet”

Ten Signs You’re a Filipino in London

Contrary to our parents who see London as a land of opportunity and the fruit of their labours (maraming salamat Mommy and Daddy!), the British capital is coloured a different shade in the eyes of the succeeding generation of Filipinos: us. And since we’re the generation that’s had exposure to both Filipino and British youth,Continue reading “Ten Signs You’re a Filipino in London”


Every night she leaves her wandering eyes awake and her mind totally lucid, because she says it’s tedious sleeping alone. The hanging pain is torture now, she says. The yearning has become poetry now, she writes. Take off the warm voice, the tresses and the natural scent, and all you have left are sparkles. Self-proclaimingContinue reading ““Beautiful””

“Fridays in Autumn”

Let’s drive to a new route this afternoon, please. Hammersmith Barnes Roehampton Putney Fulham Earls Court I’d like to watch the fall leaves fall, time and space to feel a hurting soul, because to feel so is the first step, giving your walls enough strength to brave through winter: this damn circumstance sold to you,Continue reading ““Fridays in Autumn””

What’s Your Talent: Photography by @markcastillophotography

The freedom that recent technology and the Internet allows us to have has paved way to many artists both amateur and professional to show their work out to those willing to pay attention. You can probably tell by my Instagram page that I enjoy taking pictures, but unlike my inclinations towards writing, photography is andContinue reading “What’s Your Talent: Photography by @markcastillophotography”

“Hyde Park”

4th of June, 2011 Tree shade, yellow hoodie and her own floating lyrics above your head, today there is an abundance of uncharted places to be, fresh faces to see, under the hot desert heat, hot desert beat. Today you’re still wounded, so run so quick, shout so loud, move faster than forward until theyContinue reading ““Hyde Park””

Bournemouth Bound

It’s always being said but sometimes taken lightheartedly, but spontaneous trips usually make the best of memories and work better than those trips that are planned far in advance; those road trips that you go on a whim and everyone just goes with the flow. Thanks to my friends’ fast skills in searching hotels andContinue reading “Bournemouth Bound”