“#tbt in Crispina St”

The same childhood cobble step where we first tasted blood, injury and heartbreak after getting caught cheating on a game of patintero, are now used by lesser beings, the baby flowers and the creek have dried and died out, causing the rays to grow stronger. The wind no longer tells our story, maybe he justContinue reading ““#tbt in Crispina St””

What’s Your Talent: Thought Collection Publishing by Kat Lahr

Thought Notebook, in my opinion, is one of those literary journals that encapsulate spiritual literature, choosing to focus on the positive, the figurative and the soulful. It attempts to capture the essence of fate and destiny in a justified way without compromising its ability to connect with its audiences. It doesn’t really focus on darkerContinue reading “What’s Your Talent: Thought Collection Publishing by Kat Lahr”

“Go Home You’re Deluded”

It’s your stories they’ll believe It’s your stories they’ll listen to But the truth Will never be bent It was either love or hate Show you all or none at all I tried meeting halfway But you were on so many sides Keep shooting bullets your silver bullets Keep firing words your stinging words NoContinue reading ““Go Home You’re Deluded””

“Searching for Eden”

On the outside, his mind looks empty, only nothing but Two O’clock Girl and a crude joke, but look deeper, I dare you, behind the perversion and the intoxication, and there you’ll find a desire, primitive as it may be, a boy who thinks like a man, time cards as evidence, screaming with purity, butContinue reading ““Searching for Eden””

“Lieutenant Valentino”

He’s gold, you’re silver, and I’m wearing green. I’ve always wanted to conquer, and now I have, but I’m still in shellshock. See what you’ve done to me? Retreat, lick my wounds, lick them clean until I’m no longer jaded. Retreat, lick my wounds, lick them clean until all promises of happiness are forgotten. It’sContinue reading ““Lieutenant Valentino””