What’s Your Talent: Poetic Impact

There is always something beautiful in a group of artists collaborating to create something that not only showcases their talent but also works to support one another in growth in a fun and memorable way. Spearheaded by Theresa Lake, Furquan Soomro and fellow @BYPoets Celestina Rowaiye, Poetic Impact is a YouTube channel aiming to createContinue reading “What’s Your Talent: Poetic Impact”

What’s Your Talent: Bukambibig by Alton Melvar Madrid Dapanas

The present has never been a better time to be a Filipino writer, what with many talented and dedicated names working and writing hard to make sure they produce work that not only best express themselves but also represent the Filipino name in a very good light. There’s Reme Grefalda from LA-based zine Our OwnContinue reading “What’s Your Talent: Bukambibig by Alton Melvar Madrid Dapanas”

Catching up

2016 is shaping up to be one heck of a year. And I can’t get enough of it. Been learning how to really work my butt off and even though the excess result is a lack of sleep, Sims 2 playtime, sometimes prolonged confusion or lutang (sorry Facebook group chat members) and a general absenceContinue reading “Catching up”


Sa gitna ng bagyong malakas, sa halip ng matinding ulan, may ngiting lalabas maliwanag, malinaw at nagsasabing hindi ka nagiisa, kaibigan. Tayo na’t tumayo, pagpagin ang alikabok, muling magsimula ng bago at akyatin ang bundok, kung san may daanan na tuwa at payapa, iyo’y matutuklasan basta’t ako ay iyong kasama.

New Poems over @ We Are A Website!

It’s always such a gratifying experience to have my poems put out into the world, ready to go on their own journeys and become friends with the rest of the world, but what’s more fun is knowing that your work and their stories have become a part of a bigger organism, a whole kaleidoscope ofContinue reading “New Poems over @ We Are A Website!”

“30 Days Dry” by Robert Eric Shoemaker (2015)

Being an artist myself, I guess I’ll always be partial towards art therapy. I find the process of writing my thoughts down, throwing it all on music and even scribbling my frustrations down on sketchbooks until they become little pieces of art very therapeutic and a more effective release of negative energy. Those inclinations wereContinue reading ““30 Days Dry” by Robert Eric Shoemaker (2015)”

Lost in London now out on iBooks!

It’s been a while since I posted anything! Hi guys! It’s also been quite a long summer for me. What with my work, being out with friends, watching Miss Saigon (blog entry on that soon!) and just plain ol’ writing, I’m glad to say that my 2013 poetry book Lost in London is now availableContinue reading “Lost in London now out on iBooks!”

“Music and Poetry”

Guess the best metaphor to use here is a pop song, or is that a simile? Imagery? Well, anyway, it’s like being in one of them ones with you, too cheesy to listen to but you don’t want to use earphones to hide it, the kind with a constant dedication to be faithful to youContinue reading ““Music and Poetry””

“(This Isn’t) A Love Poem”

Loneliness: a painful, poisonous friend that feeds our endless spirals, inner holes and gaps that us poets need in order to mend what poetry defines as a trap. Painfully waiting for those burning, prickling sensations, but these days I’ve felt too loved, too well-cared, that I’ve lost the ability to make reasonable literary decisions, leavingContinue reading ““(This Isn’t) A Love Poem””