New poem out now on the latest issue of Cha!

I’ve got a new poem published out! It’s somehow kismet how this entire thing turned out. I had met Filipino singer-songwriter June Marieezy this time last year during her London debut performance in Hackney and was, to be quite frank, changed by our short but sweet interaction. One of them involved me writing a poemContinue reading “New poem out now on the latest issue of Cha!”

Pure soul, pure smile: a love letter to June Marieezy

I was, once again, late to where I planned on going, thanks to my love for sleep and the stereotype turned proven fact of “Filipino time”. This time I was headed to a day party in Hackney by Juicebox and Suitcase Magazine, with food, drinks and music from KAASI, Joe Hertz and a live setContinue reading “Pure soul, pure smile: a love letter to June Marieezy”

“Virgo” by June Marieezy (2013)

While her first EP “Heavy Eyes”┬áleans towards more of an urban sound, a perfect soundtrack for the midnight city dweller, June Marieezy’s second collection of songs sounds more like the creative outlet of her soul, a soul that is pure and carefree, means well and can take you to places that only the power ofContinue reading ““Virgo” by June Marieezy (2013)”