“London, My Playground”

Moving in Earls Court. Alone in North End Road at midnight. Lost in the snow in Chelsea. Rainy days tucked in Fulham. Lost in Colliers Wood. Summer naps in Richmond Park. Rehearsing in Putney. Falling in love in Becontree. Running around Hyde Park at dawn. Exhausted from Seven Sisters. Contemplating in Kingston. Celebrating birthdays inContinue reading ““London, My Playground””


What painful realisations, it’ll hit you in the head quite hard, when you begin to fully see years and days past, loosened up friendships and screwed off bonds once tightened, and once you break the glass, it’s impossible to unsee, the reasons Fate has decided to be bitchy, demoting you as the good thing, noContinue reading ““Realising””

“Lost (Or No Longer)”

The car window isn’t enough, its transparent body holds no candle to the rush of ghosts that would wrap themselves on me whenever I’d pass by the old houses that once belonged to my second/third/fourth family. It all comes gushing back, feelings I cannot contain with tightly cupped hands, as I struggle a thought popsContinue reading ““Lost (Or No Longer)””

“Searching for Eden”

On the outside, his mind looks empty, only nothing but Two O’clock Girl and a crude joke, but look deeper, I dare you, behind the perversion and the intoxication, and there you’ll find a desire, primitive as it may be, a boy who thinks like a man, time cards as evidence, screaming with purity, butContinue reading ““Searching for Eden””