What’s Your Talent: Thought Collection Publishing by Kat Lahr

Thought Notebook, in my opinion, is one of those literary journals that encapsulate spiritual literature, choosing to focus on the positive, the figurative and the soulful. It attempts to capture the essence of fate and destiny in a justified way without compromising its ability to connect with its audiences. It doesn’t really focus on darkerContinue reading “What’s Your Talent: Thought Collection Publishing by Kat Lahr”

Siblíní Journal’s First Issue Is Out!

Last November, I became one of the junior editors for this magazine titled Siblíní, a journal focusing on the written and visual arts created by young and creative minds. After almost a year of submissions, editing, rejecting, accepting, and in my case, learning which pieces to accept and reject while still writing in a positiveContinue reading “Siblíní Journal’s First Issue Is Out!”