What’s Your Talent: Anomaly Lit by @lorcanblack

2016 has been quite a fruitful year for me, poetry-wise. To date, I’ve had eleven poems published in six different journals and websites. And it’s not even half the year yet! As in the words of Josh Radnor’s 2010 film, happy, thank you, more, please. One of my 2016 publications include a spot on theContinue reading “What’s Your Talent: Anomaly Lit by @lorcanblack”

Foodtrips: Manila Bound

Once upon a time, I didn’t like eating. I grew up in Manila not having double rice and indulging myself in street foods (except BBQ and hotdogs!), and that’s why I grew up in a white sando and very thin. Like tooth-pick thin. That’s a picture of six year old me all ft. my sistersContinue reading “Foodtrips: Manila Bound”

Ten Thoughts When Getting a Haircut

I have an irrational fear of going to the barber shop, but I’m conquering it session by session. It all started when I first landed here in London in 2007 and decided to grow my hair out because I thought to experiment with my appearance. The events that transpired due to that decision deserves itsContinue reading “Ten Thoughts When Getting a Haircut”

Ten Signs You’re a Filipino in London

Contrary to our parents who see London as a land of opportunity and the fruit of their labours (maraming salamat Mommy and Daddy!), the British capital is coloured a different shade in the eyes of the succeeding generation of Filipinos: us. And since we’re the generation that’s had exposure to both Filipino and British youth,Continue reading “Ten Signs You’re a Filipino in London”

@ParallelInk’s latest issue is out!

It’s always a huge surge of gratitude whenever I receive an acceptance email on my phone all of a sudden, and it’s no different when I got the news that the latest issue of Parallel Ink will feature two of my poems titled “Who We’re Writing For” and “The Golden Lining”. After reading through theContinue reading “@ParallelInk’s latest issue is out!”

What’s Your Talent: Ubehalaiya by @LindtHyacinth

I’ve always admired people who are passionate with their careers or hobbies, and those who are just great at being multi-taskers, something that I try to be myself.¬†And since the writer in me is too powerful to ignore, I eventually got inspired to focus on these types of people in my writing, appropriately titling thisContinue reading “What’s Your Talent: Ubehalaiya by @LindtHyacinth”