‘Lucy’ by Scarlett Johansson, Luc Besson (2014)

There is a burst of action, bloodshed and visual poetry in the 2014 film ‘Lucy’, starring Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman. Synopsis: The movie starts off with a clueless Lucy (Johansson), who, while nursing a hangover, gets in trouble with a drug lord and his cronies who use her (literally) to transport a synthetic drugContinue reading “‘Lucy’ by Scarlett Johansson, Luc Besson (2014)”

Brighton Bound

Contrary to the story behind my previous post about Bournemouth, my day trip to Brighton is a result of years of planning, research, meshing work and university schedules together and more planning. Just ask our group planner Ate @preciousheartsu, who probably deserved this holiday the most. Thank you for always being our OCD planner andContinue reading “Brighton Bound”

Bournemouth Bound

It’s always being said but sometimes taken lightheartedly, but spontaneous trips usually make the best of memories and work better than those trips that are planned far in advance; those road trips that you go on a whim and everyone just goes with the flow. Thanks to my friends’ fast skills in searching hotels andContinue reading “Bournemouth Bound”

what would you do if…

To those who follow me on social media, they’ll know that #throwbackthursday is my favourite and most used trending topic, alongside its cousins #flashbackfriday, #sentisaturday, and even the ridiculous ones like #memorymonday. Memory lane is kind of like a second home to me. I like having stories to look back on and little anecdotes toContinue reading “what would you do if…”