“Gold Linings”

Tube strikes didn’t care at all that day. Sprinting from Piccadilly to Gower Street, you’re in the interview of your life all sweaty gotta pee what is oxygen, with the residential nerves all dragged out from the run. Get home, get the sniffles from the February showers, oversleep the alarm again, back to water diet,Continue reading ““Gold Linings””

What’s Your Talent: Miss Saigon with @EvaNoblezada

I’m glad that in the future I get to say that I watched the West End revival of Miss Saigon three times after spending the first year of its existence in 2014 wanting and finding people to watch it with. Prior to Miss Saigon and listening to the 2012 Broadway recording of Once, I’m prettyContinue reading “What’s Your Talent: Miss Saigon with @EvaNoblezada”

“Grinding Wisdom Teeth”

Sobering, maybe, we’ve reached a new level of ourselves, almost as if we’ve grown an extra inch to reach the last, missing piece. Look at that backseat mirror and see you that begged for mercy, for freedom, for the love you didn’t deserve, that forgotten feeling of him being blurry to your little heart, whenContinue reading ““Grinding Wisdom Teeth””


In a cold sea teeming with misconceptions and superficial kisses, is a small boat, and inside is a flame, meek but strong, with no plan of ever being put out ever again. And that boat will float oh so slowly, in a pace that pleases itself, because it’s done with the fast lane. Been there,Continue reading ““Sailor””

What’s Your Talent: Thought Collection Publishing by Kat Lahr

Thought Notebook, in my opinion, is one of those literary journals that encapsulate spiritual literature, choosing to focus on the positive, the figurative and the soulful. It attempts to capture the essence of fate and destiny in a justified way without compromising its ability to connect with its audiences. It doesn’t really focus on darkerContinue reading “What’s Your Talent: Thought Collection Publishing by Kat Lahr”

Oxford Bound

Holidays from work and the usual world gives me a chance to unwind and explore the rest of the world, expanding my horizons, and in this case, meeting friends and just having old-fashioned good time. I always say the fresh air in Oxford was a tad too fresh for my liking and it actually causesContinue reading “Oxford Bound”

Thought Notebook Vol 2, Issue 2 Is Out!

The submissions game has always been an interesting ride for me, from the cover letters, choosing which journal works for your writing and the rejection that happens 99% of the time. I’ve also only really began to overcome rejection and learning how to stand up and submit that poem or that short story again because IContinue reading “Thought Notebook Vol 2, Issue 2 Is Out!”

What’s Your Talent: STWilliams Art by Shaneka Williams

I love being friends with creative people. Writers, musicians, performers and artists, those type of people. Not only do I get to hear inside scoop about their creations but I also get to be weird and kooky around them without getting awkward comments like “are you okay?” or a “why do you say things likeContinue reading “What’s Your Talent: STWilliams Art by Shaneka Williams”

Discover Dogs 2014

When my parents and I first moved in our flat in central London, I’ve always wanted to attend Discover Dogs, one of London’s biggest dog shows for two reasons: the exhibition centre was just minutes away from my house (I always passed by it on my way home from school) and, well, DOGS. DOGS! FastContinue reading “Discover Dogs 2014”