“Cover Down/Strip Up”

Developed a habit of curling up in a ball as I release the unneeded. Bare it all out, because I’m tired of getting scared when I see your name. I need to man up. The style of mum is old, so I’ll just let the oxygen play inside as the tower crumbles and falls onContinue reading ““Cover Down/Strip Up””

“Grinding Wisdom Teeth”

Sobering, maybe, we’ve reached a new level of ourselves, almost as if we’ve grown an extra inch to reach the last, missing piece. Look at that backseat mirror and see you that begged for mercy, for freedom, for the love you didn’t deserve, that forgotten feeling of him being blurry to your little heart, whenContinue reading ““Grinding Wisdom Teeth””

“Lady in the Yellow Dress”

One, two, three, four, before I lost interest, lady in the yellow dress caught my drowsy eyes. She spoke eloquently (at least that’s how it looked from afar), she had a neat side braid and an ability to turn my head a full 360. Five, six, seven, eight, until I slowly turned to stone, ladyContinue reading ““Lady in the Yellow Dress””

“Actor, Dancer”

The light hailing down to centre stage prickles and itches every part it can touch. Skin, stings. Eyes, blind. Memory, fades. The fuel in me that used to be electrifying is now paralyzing, lingering its way into a heart attack. Now You’re the missing electric boots and a mohair suit, the ones we read inContinue reading ““Actor, Dancer””

“No Water, No Moon” by Bamboo (2011)

Sa buhay na ito, tayo’y manatili, huminga ng malalim, huminga ng malalim. There’s only so far two musicians whose work has managed to spiritually and emotionally move me away from the ground and into oblivion: June Marieezy and Bamboo. Before fully diving into his musical world, I’ve only really heard Bamboo sporadically through countless replaysContinue reading ““No Water, No Moon” by Bamboo (2011)”

“Go Home You’re Deluded”

It’s your stories they’ll believe It’s your stories they’ll listen to But the truth Will never be bent It was either love or hate Show you all or none at all I tried meeting halfway But you were on so many sides Keep shooting bullets your silver bullets Keep firing words your stinging words NoContinue reading ““Go Home You’re Deluded””

“Searching for Eden”

On the outside, his mind looks empty, only nothing but Two O’clock Girl and a crude joke, but look deeper, I dare you, behind the perversion and the intoxication, and there you’ll find a desire, primitive as it may be, a boy who thinks like a man, time cards as evidence, screaming with purity, butContinue reading ““Searching for Eden””