“You and Me”

Yesterday was all about planning for tomorrow, too busy to find the time for today, you know? But then you walked in, gave me a smile, showed me sincerity, and from then on, I felt something hard to hide easily, because behind those funny old-school glasses, are eyes made to take away my frown. EagerContinue reading ““You and Me””


Every night she leaves her wandering eyes awake and her mind totally lucid, because she says it’s tedious sleeping alone. The hanging pain is torture now, she says. The yearning has become poetry now, she writes. Take off the warm voice, the tresses and the natural scent, and all you have left are sparkles. Self-proclaimingContinue reading ““Beautiful””

what would you do if…

To those who follow me on social media, they’ll know that #throwbackthursday is my favourite and most used trending topic, alongside its cousins #flashbackfriday, #sentisaturday, and even the ridiculous ones like #memorymonday. Memory lane is kind of like a second home to me. I like having stories to look back on and little anecdotes toContinue reading “what would you do if…”

What’s Your Talent: Photography by @preciousheartsu

I am proud to be a Leo Those are seven words that I will always use to describe myself. Those are seven words that also rings true to one of my best friends, one whose Leonine heritage shines through just about everything she says and does. I first met @preciousheartsu, or Ate Precious, back inContinue reading “What’s Your Talent: Photography by @preciousheartsu”