The Ofi Press – “Blurry Eyes”

The Traveling Poet – “Bus Hopping”


Our Own Voice – “Madilaw na Sampaguita”, “Las Piñas, London”, “Long Distance (Laylo)”, “Segway, Sideway”

Thought Notebook – “Les Nouvelles”


WORK Mag – “The New Guy At Work”

We Are A Website – “The One Easy Guy”, “Drifter”, “#OnBeing20”


Eastlit – “Sunday Mass”, “Selenite”, “Posh”, “Who We’re Writing For”

Cha: An Asian Literary Journal – “Soul Words”

Bukambibig – “Overture”, “Business”

Rambutan Literary – “328 – Golder’s Green”, “Jade Nymphs”, “Chicken Teriyaki”, “OFW”


The Murmur House – “Fragments”, “Moving Lines”

Barbican Young Poets Anthology 2017 – “Parked Listening to Kings of Convenience”

Your Name is a Boat (to Jacob Sam-La Rose) – “After October”


Barbican Young Poets Anthology 2018 – “Closed fists and open hugs”, “Buoyancy”

Shared Horizons: A Rambutan Literary Anthology – “Chicken Teriyaki”

From Whispers to Roars – “Shoes on the train”

聲韻詩刊 Voice & Verse Poetry Magazine – “Examples of Confusion”


harana poetry – “Ladlad”

TAYO Literary Magazine – “Massage”, “Bonds”, “There will be talks”


Bad Betty Press – “War Dove” (debut pamphlet)

Proletarian Poetry – “War Dove”

You’re Gonna Wanna Hear This (MacMillan) – “Not Dying for London”

Chris Holmes: Hidden in Chaos – “London, A Portrait”

bath magg – “On My First Visit to Gay’s The Word”


We Have Never Seen Anything Like This (Roundhouse Poetry Collective Anthology) – “Calico”

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