What’s Your Talent: Healing crystals with @TessHeaven

One of the many fun things crystal healing gets to do for me is to introduce me to like-minded people, people who I get to share the good vibes with and learn more positive things about the world from them, even if this means just talking online and over emails, like Etsy shop owner Tessa Heaven.

For the longest time I’ve been looking for the perfect necklace to wear on an everyday basis, a thirst that normal high street chains and websites have seemed to quench. I tried wearing peace signs, crosses and even faces of Christ despite my initial reluctance to do so due to personal beliefs (hypocrisy, what a concept). It wasn’t until I found myself perusing around this new territory called Etsy where my half-hearted desire to wear the mass-produced and easily-tainted were replaced by the hand-crafted and one-of-a-kinds, feeling the love and individual energies of each piece I wore.

After finding a long Labradorite pendant from Tessa Heaven and leaving it in my Favourites page for a few days, I ended up buying it, especially since I’m aware of the disadvantages of shopping for hand-crafted items; once someone else buys it before you, there’s a high chance you’ll never get to see another one like it again. You could ask the seller to make an exact same one, but it’s never really the same, especially with crystal healing.

I found the Labradorite helpful when around huge crowds of people, travelling great distances and around those who tend to absorb emotions from me, as well. It’s managed to give me protection against psychic attacks and a chance to grow and enhance my mental and concentration abilities. The pendant, alongside Labradorite in general, quickly became a staple tool in my crystal arsenal, always helping me in times most suitable and teaching me lessons in times most needed.

After cementing her love for crystals during her travels around Asia and South America and the many marketplaces there, she got inspired to further this hobby into a business for herself, using macrame knotting techniques to combine both raw and tumbled crystals with repurposed materials to make unique jewelelry that is individualistic as it is healing for the one person it was made to be for.

1. Walk us through your first ever memory working with a crystal?

I had a small crystal collection as a child, which I kept in a little box of treasures along with other special things I had collected. I didn’t open this box for many years, and it was only after I had an epiphany while wearing a jasper necklace I had made that I became enchanted with crystals again. I was feeling very emotionally open and sensitive at the time, and the necklace was resting on my heart. I could literally feel the crystal resonating with my heart chakra. I had always been incredibly skeptical about things like crystal healing, but in that moment I knew that there was something to it!

So over the next few weeks I began exploring what I could feel with other crystals. The first one I ever worked with intentionally was a piece of pyrite that I had in my box of treasures. I remembered that when I’d been able to feel the energy of the jasper I’d been very open, so I let go of any doubt and opened my heart to the possibility of connecting with the crystal. The feeling from the pyrite was very different from the jasper. Rather than the intense sensation at my heart, I felt it through my whole body. It was like a rush of confidence and well-being flowing through me. My rational mind was still skeptical, but I decided it didn’t matter whether what I had experienced was ‘real’ or my imagination, because the feeling had definitely been real, and that was what mattered.

2. What are your top three crystals to recommend for a friend who’s starting out with crystal healing?

I am by no means an expert on the properties of crystals, but there is a lot of information to be found on the subject online. I started out with rose quartz, amethyst and pyrite because those were the ones I’d had since I was a child, so I figured that was the perfect place to start! I would definitely recommend all three of those, or whatever your intuition tells you. Clear quartz is also great. More important than the crystals you choose is your openness nd desire to connect with them. It’s about the feeling you get from them when your mind is quiet.

3. Where did the idea of opening a shop and creating your own jewellery come from?

I initially began making jewellery for myself just for fun, and then friends started paying me to make them things, so the idea for a shop grew from there. I have also always loved to travel, and I wanted to develop sklls that I could use wherever I was in the world to earn money. I’m going to Costa Rica in November, and I hope that I can continue to grow my business online while I am away, as long as I don’t get too distracted by all the beautiful beaches and monkeys!


4. How do you think social media has helped your business grow? Do you think the good outweighs the bad aspects of it?

I get a lot of my sales as a result of exposure gained through social media. I didn’t expect to have to spend more time marketing than actually making jewellery, but that’s the way it’s turned out! I love creating beautiful images and posts though, it’s an art in itself! I spend far too much time comparing myself to other people and worrying about how many likes and followers I’m getting, but that’s the crazy world we live in. It’s kind of fun if you don’t take it too seriously. The freedom it gives me to earn money doing something I love far outweighs the bad.

5. What advice can you offer burgeoning businesspeople when venturing on their own startup?

I don’t feel like I am in any position to offer advice to people starting a business! I’m still very much in the process of building mine up. I have learned that a lot of it is about mindset though. Sometimes we can block ourselves from what we want because we have some false beliefs about what it will be like. For example, recently I realised I wasn’t putting myself and my brand out there because in my head all I was seeing were the potential negative consequences. I imagined I would constantly be working too hard, and would be stressed out and bored of making jewellery etc. But then I spent some time visualising the opposite. I imagined the feeling of being connected with a large number of people who want what I offer. Sales would flow easily, and work would be a joy. This REALLY helped me. I have to regularly remind myself to fix my mindset though, as it’s very very easy to slip back into negative unhelpful thinking.

6. A lot of people I’ve spoken to about crystal healing has had at least one staple crystal that they consider to be their partner, their soul mate, the one stone that they vibe with the most. Which crystal is that for you?

I don’t have one crystal that I connect with the most. What I love about crystals is that they all have something different and unique to offer. Connecting with a crystal always feels magical, but each in a totally different way!

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PS: If you’re around Bristol area and are looking for holistic and spiritually cleansing massages, hit the link above to check out Tessa and her massage services!

Published by troycabida

Troy Cabida (he/him) is a Filipino poet and producer based in south west London. His recent poems have appeared in TAYO Literary Magazine, harana poetry, MacMillan and bath magg. He is a producer for London open mic night Poetry and Shaah and co-founder of Liwayway Kolektibo, an arts and culture network providing space for UK-based Filipino/a/x creatives. His debut pamphlet, War Dove, was published by Bad Betty Press in 2020. Photo taken by Ray Roberts.

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