Isle of Wight Bound

One of my life long dreams is to live under the same roof with my closest friends like they do in How I Met Your Mother and FRIENDS, where we would have to cook for ourselves, take turns cleaning the toilet (except me), stay up all night and along the way have laughtrips and arguments that would later tighten our friendship up from something young into something much more infinite.

Our roadtrip holiday to the Isle of Wight did just that, I’d like to think.

PS. Even though we went to a lot of tourist attractions, I couldn’t take a lot of pictures because I was too busy being inhaling it all. Here, instead, are a few hundred shots of us in some of the spots we went to!

Roll Call:

Group shot courtesy of Jelyn’s GoPro and selfies by Ate Precious!


Ate Precious – Bachelor of Itinerary Arts

Barry “Bamboo” – Best in Driving

Madam Judylyn – MasterChef/Baon Queen

Bisaya Jelyn – Videographer Extraodinaire

Troyski – Comedy Gold/Part-Time Nurse

I’m on a roadtrip:

From Roehampton to Portsmouth, the drive took around two hours, and within those couple of hours we managed to properly wake ourselves up, get something to drink and amp ourselves up for the rest of the day as we, unsurprisingly, had little sleep due to the excitement. Kudos to our driver Barry for keeping his eyes glued on the road!

We also had tons of songs to listen to, which I think helped make our drive more music video-like, especially since the sky was so blue and clear and our path was filled with nature scenery.

Our playlist consisted of:

  • Cool Kids by Echosmith
  • Ayo by Chris Brown x Tyga
  • Sugar by Maroon 5
  • I Don’t Mind by Usher
  • All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor
  • Roadtrip by Karylle (of course!)
  • Want It That Way by BackStreet Boys
  • Wannabe by The Spice Girls
  • So Young by The Corrs
  • Jenny From The Block (which I dubbed as Jelyn From The Block) by J.Lo

And a lot of other songs predominantly from the 90s because we repped the 90s.

The ferry from Portsmouth took around 45 minutes and was also fun. It was my first time ever being on a boat! I finally understood people when they say they get seasick as the boat kept swerving from left to right.

Thorness Bay bound:

We stayed at a caravan by the very clean and very polite Thorness Bay, a very homey mobile house fit for five very happy and always hungry young adults. Before we could book, however, we did some exploring and found the playground, a pool table and the seaside aka Jelyn’s pond.

If you’re looking for a caravan with good hygiene and customer service that is both quick and easy to contact, consider Thorness Bay!

Photo 17-04-2015 11 03 32 am


We found a sixth member!

Photo 17-04-2015 10 51 59 am

Photo 17-04-2015 10 23 48 am

Photo 17-04-2015 11 48 21 am

#OOTD! Thank you to the Philippines for my Js, my #ProudlyPinoy shirt and my fading tan.

This was the scene from outside our caravan! I’m so happy we had few neighbours because we could laugh as loud as we could and I had the privacy to disappear in the morning and just wander around and inhale the fresh air in the mornings.

Photo 17-04-2015 1 32 08 pm

The Shanklin Chine:

Photo 18-04-2015 10 23 51 am

Photo 18-04-2015 11 56 33 am

Photo 18-04-2015 10 57 15 am

Obligatory Filipino picture by the attraction. Very happy with my shirt from CafePress.

The Shanklin Chine is one of the island’s oldest tourist attractions, with its very serene ambiance perfect for writing, picture taking and group shots. A lot of beautiful trees, birds of different colours and water bodies that tell hundreds of stories.

The forest’s backdrop is what got us all, though: the overlooking view of the seaside stretched from the very end of what your eye could see. Priceless.

Note: Be sure to bring cash to the entrance as they don’t accept card payments. We learnt that the hard way and ended up getting lost in the pier, where we also got to buy some of our pasalubongs!

Photo 18-04-2015 11 03 55 am

Photo 18-04-2015 11 55 02 am

The Needles:

My favourite part about The Needles is definitely the beach. Not so much the chairlift, as I realised I’m still not okay with my fear of heights. Lesson of the day: I do much better in fast rides than I do in slow rides.

The mountains showed a variety of warm colours that contrasted the very clear blue sky, which was a sight to remember.

Photo 18-04-2015 3 35 04 pm

Photo 18-04-2015 4 14 21 pm-2

Check out this YouTube video thanks to my creative friend slash Leo sibling Jelyn!

Onto our next roadtrip!

– Troy

Published by troycabida

Troy Cabida (he/him) is a Filipino poet and producer based in south west London. His recent poems have appeared in TAYO Literary Magazine, harana poetry, MacMillan and bath magg. He is a producer for London open mic night Poetry and Shaah and co-founder of Liwayway Kolektibo, an arts and culture network providing space for UK-based Filipino/a/x creatives. His debut pamphlet, War Dove, was published by Bad Betty Press in 2020. Photo taken by Ray Roberts.

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