Lost in London – 2014

This year has been a whirlwind of great events for my writing, events that can make me feel nothing but immense gratitude; I know I use that word a lot but nothing else can quite describe the feeling of both relief and “Aha! I knew it!”.

However, there must always be a starting point to all of this, and below is a video encapsulating my thank you to that base, the collection of poetry that started it all for me.

A series of clips, projected just how my myopic eyes would see them, showing you how I go by my day here in London, sometimes getting lost on the way.

Here’s my “trailer” for my poetry book “Lost in London“! I hope you like it!

I finally know how to use iMovie! Song courtesy of Justin de Guzman’s BandCamp album “Maschine“. The video has strong influences of Katerina Jebb’s video on Victoria Beckham’s brand and June Marieezy’s first music video with rapper RBTO, so I thank all of them for putting out such stellar pieces. I hope my first video fits your standards, dear readers!

– Troy

Published by troycabida

Troy Cabida (b. 1995) is a London-based Filipino poet. He has been a member of the Barbican Young Poets, the Roundhouse Poetry Collective and is a producer for open mic night Poetry and Shaah. His poems have appeared in TAYO, harana, Bukambibig, Cha and Ink, Sweat and Tears. His debut poetry pamphlet "War Dove" is published under Bad Betty Press.

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