What’s Your Talent: Venus by @imgjalarcon

It’s rare for me to get to know someone who is just as passionate with their craft as I am with mine, so when I do get that chance, I usually end up earning a friendship that consists of constantly throwing ideas, songs, words and Youtube links all around.

That friendship applies to one of my closest friends slash favourite tweeters: @imgjalarcon.

To his friends, he is:

One-fourth of the Avatars, a ladies’ man, a brother and, according to me, a secret hipster (or hipztahh as I’d like to call it whenever we’d all Skype call one another),

But to his adoring public, he is a:

Guitar-playing, screamo-shouting legend in the making who likes tweeting words of wisdom to the masses.

Gerby, or GJ, has been one of my closest pals ever since our patintero and agawan base days, and I remember the first time I heard them play their music. It was back in 2006 when I was toothpick-thin and I knew little about the world outside my terrace. He and his band that consisted of his brother and friends would either be strumming their guitars lazily in the middle of a conversation or wake people up from their after-lunch siestas as they go on full rehearsal mode.

A few years later, after reality knocked us all in the head, we found ourselves in different corners of the world, with GJ now based in Miami, Florida. And thanks to the power of recent technology, I’m able to constantly catch up with him and find out more about him and the evolution of his musical endeavours.


Here’s a link to their cover of a song by Bring Me to the Horizon ft. @imgjalarcon and drummer Daniel Serrano.

I’ll be completely honest with you now: I know nothing about his genre of music, but through all of the Youtube videos he’d post everyday (yeah I actually listen to those sometimes!), I get a good idea as to what melodic post-hardcore music is like.

And because I know so little about his genre of music, asking him some of these questions cleared it up for me. Read the answers of the front man himself below:

1. Describe your band in three words:

Instrumental, melodic, Emo with some sort of underground spirit. It’s really hard to describe because we have mixed this melodic and Emo sound.

2. Which bands do you look up to?

We have a lot of bands that we look up to. We’ve listened to every type of music. It’s hard to give one. But I guess we all have been influenced by all of these different kinds of bands. Every band that we listen to, we learn something new, so we try to apply not almost all of it but the best part of it.

3. What have your original songs been about?

We’re working on out third song right now, which is my favourite one so far. The other two songs are great, too. I think it’s going to be perfect for this EP that we’re working on.

4. How can we learn more about you nowadays?

We’re pretty chilled right now, just writing songs and fixing this line up for Venus. We are now planning to release the band as soon as we’re complete. Follow me on Twitter @imgjalarcon or Facebook (Just type my name) for more updates. Peace out.

5. Any words for #GerAn?

#GerAn – I wish we could bring this back, maybe. (Hopya)

So far these guys are concocting up something fresh and a fusion of all of their favourite sounds put together. I always keep pushing this guy to just get it all done so I can download it on @iTunes and plug it everywhere (I’ll need 10% of the proceeds then, please).

Watch out for future updates, guys, these guys will rock. And I’ve heard them rock, and they rock.

–          Troy

Published by troycabida

Troy Cabida (he/him) is a Filipino poet and producer based in south west London. His recent poems have appeared in TAYO Literary Magazine, harana poetry, MacMillan and bath magg. He is a producer for London open mic night Poetry and Shaah and co-founder of Liwayway Kolektibo, an arts and culture network providing space for UK-based Filipino/a/x creatives. His debut pamphlet, War Dove, was published by Bad Betty Press in 2020. Photo taken by Ray Roberts.

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