what would you do if…

To those who follow me on social media, they’ll know that #throwbackthursday is my favourite and most used trending topic, alongside its cousins #flashbackfriday, #sentisaturday, and even the ridiculous ones like #memorymonday.

Memory lane is kind of like a second home to me. I like having stories to look back on and little anecdotes to share with people, because if they were good stories, that means I’ve so far lived a good life, especially if they were funny, and if they were bad stories, well, then that means I’ve got things to learn. Or maybe I’ve just been watching way too much How I Met Your Mother.

Since I’m a man of eccentricity, I sometimes like to take the whole throwback concept into a whole new level, and I’ve got the next paragraph to prove it.


Suppose you were walking down the street, and for some reason whatsoever, laws of time and physics out of the window, you see yourself, but yourself from the ancient year of 2011. Summer of 2011, to be exact. Back when the devastating London riots was just days from happening, Demi Lovato has just released her hit smash Skyscraper and you couldn’t wait to get your hands on the new iPhone 4S.

And that version of you stood right in front of you, just as speechless as you are. But after gathering the ability to speak again, he/she asks you how they will be turn out to be like in the year 2014. You have the opportunity to say anything, but not too much because as we learnt from the classic 80s movie series Back To The Future, telling too much about the present while in the past can cause changes in the space-time continuum, just like what Doctor Brown said, but I’m blabbering now.

(Just in case you were wondering what I looked like three years ago. Wala kayo sa akin! Mahaba na nga buhok, naka hat pa in the middle of July! I had way too much fun to care about looking decent. Pic courtesy of @preciousheartsu. Check out my blog entry on her photography here!)

If you were put in this situation, what would you say?

I asked some of my friends this, and here’s what they answered:

  • @youthiyowhiskey – “2014 will be interesting. It’ll be a lot of fun, a lot of hard work but it’ll all be worth it in the end. Just keep going. Also 한글 bruhh.
  • @preciousheartsu – “Don’t ever forget who you are and what you believe in. Our appearances might change but our hearts will always be the same. Emo emo din pag may time! Haha!”
  • @itzfuckinryan – “I could just tell him that he’ll find out anyway, so let’s have fun. He won’t ask anything, he’ll just buy himself a beer.”
  • @ItsInesB“You have to suffer to achieve happiness because every suffering ends in happiness. If you’re not happy, then its not the end.”
  • @KrissyKyrenn – “You just have to deal with each trial and problem in life step by step. Never be in a rush because you will end up where I am now – uncertain with what I want. Though this happens in some point of your life, continue to hold on to God’s promises because He will carry you through.”
  • @wilburpille – “I would say 2014 for you is going to be great, just commit to the Lord whatever you do and your plans will succeed! Amen!”
  • @maryytolentino – “So many things will change from the way people judge you.”
  • @kirbytc96“Do not change the type of person you are and do what ever makes you cheerful. Remember kindness is one of the greatest things you could contribute to the world.”
  • @CJ_Sabado – “2014 will be a great year for her. She will learn to open her heart and her mind to God, and so she will go through the journey of maturity where she grows to be wiser. And with that she becomes a lot happier. It’s the beginning to a new chapter.
  •  @KTineBeatrice – “You’ve been too nice. I’m a changed person!”
  • @samlexeigh – “Just accept all my flaws and how imperfect I am though I still love being me. Yes naman! Hahaha!

How about you? How would you react to something like that?

– Troy

PS the featured photo above is the self-proclaimed “Filipino table” where we H+C alumni all touch based for lunch, before going home and for all of those “pautang ng one pound saglit” moments. I think it was a Filipino table from 2004 – 2011.

Published by troycabida

Troy Cabida (he/him) is a Filipino poet and producer based in south west London. His recent poems have appeared in TAYO Literary Magazine, harana poetry, MacMillan and bath magg. He is a producer for London open mic night Poetry and Shaah and co-founder of Liwayway Kolektibo, an arts and culture network providing space for UK-based Filipino/a/x creatives. His debut pamphlet, War Dove, was published by Bad Betty Press in 2020. Photo taken by Ray Roberts.

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