What’s Your Talent: Ubehalaiya by @LindtHyacinth

I’ve always admired people who are passionate with their careers or hobbies, and those who are just great at being multi-taskers, something that I try to be myself. And since the writer in me is too powerful to ignore, I eventually got inspired to focus on these types of people in my writing, appropriately titling this segment “What’s Your Talent”.

Today we’ll be exploring more into the booming fashion world of my eldest sister @LindtHyacinth.

Now, during the day, my sister is generally known as:

a panganay na kapatid, a friend, a daughter and a mother.

By night, she is: a fashion boutique owner extraordinaire of Ubehalaiya Atbp and superhero.

To those who has a Cabida in their life, be they be lovers, friends or relatives, they’ll instantly recognise a sense of ambition, optimism and spunk to succeed. My sisters are great examples of that. I’ve always heard stories from my mom and dad that Ate Aiya always loved being in charge and whenever they would play ‘tinda-tindahan’ as kids, she would always take on the role of the ‘tindera’ and would always know how to calculate and divide up the play money. And she also always played as Mario back in their Nintendo Gameboy days, something that my Ate Michelle didn’t mind, she said, because she always preferred Luigi, who wore her favourite colour green.

And when we heard that she’s embarking on this fashion boutique, we couldn’t be more excited for her.

I always thought that the personal style of the seller can be seen through the type of clothing and bling that he/she would sell. Just check some of them out!




Alongside those, there are also a wide array of clothing, jewellry and other stuff that you can check out. Her booth usually based in Festival Mall, Alabang but they also sometimes sell around Metro Manila, so for all of those coming home this year, make sure to check them out!

Not only is my Ate a fashionista, but she also uses her super powers for good. Last year during the events of typhoon Yolanda, she made sure that the proceeds that she got from her merchandise went straight to charities that helped those in need. She even offered the buyers a choice as to which specific charity they want their money to go to. Oh diba? 🙂

An Interview:

1. When did you first realise that you enjoyed growing a business and working in customer service?
I was becoming unsatisfied with my regular job and I felt there was constraint in terms schedule and fixed salary so I started creating a small business.

2. Why choose fashion to build a business from?
Fashion is never ending, and somebody doesn’t need so much money to have a sense of it. I go for the basics — jeans shirts and flats but i add spice to my simple outfit like fancy earrings or bright red lipstick.

3.What’s your personal style?
I dress up according to my mood. I actually don’t have time to look up the net on the trend. But I do like and get awed with the grungy look of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.

4. What can we expect from you in the future?
Variation!!! I will be looking for variety of fashion items that are not pricey but still stunning.

Add her up on Facebook and follow her on Instagram to get instant updates on new merchandise. Right now she’s making her own bracelets, some with charms and some with gemstones. The ones I have are all from her. I trust her and her knowledge on style and magical stone properties.

Web Map:

Facebook page

Instagram link

Oh, and one thing. If you do get the chance to drop by, make sure to give her, my Ate Michelle who calls Twitter “Tweeter” and all of the kids a huge hug for me. Love you all!!!

– Troy

Published by troycabida

Troy Cabida (he/him) is a Filipino poet and producer based in south west London. His recent poems have appeared in TAYO Literary Magazine, harana poetry, MacMillan and bath magg. He is a producer for London open mic night Poetry and Shaah and co-founder of Liwayway Kolektibo, an arts and culture network providing space for UK-based Filipino/a/x creatives. His debut pamphlet, War Dove, was published by Bad Betty Press in 2020. Photo taken by Ray Roberts.

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